One Room Challenge Kitchen Reno

My love for creating started with Clothing and quickly moved to an equal if not greater love when I moved into my new Studio Apt when I was 18. I loved that it was my own space and if was to be clean and organized was all up to me. I oddly did not want to throw my clothes on the floor as if it were an extension of my closet anymore (sorry mom) and dishes in the sink was no longer ok with as well. I wanted to feel good about the space I was in and as my rooms grew larger over time the creative wheel grew in me as well.

My first true remodel was in my downtown 1920’s Portland, Oregon home. This renovation was more due to the pricing market and and what I could afford..a true fixer upper. I learned so much because I made a ton of mistakes and was pushed to be creative on a shoe string budget. I painted walls and ceilings…every single one to be exact. I stenciled a Japanese print in gold on pink walls and made a thrift store chandelier. This was all before I ever heard for DIY and Pinterest did not exist. Quite frankly everything in my life was DO IT YOURSELF!

So now on to why I decided to start this blog and I don’t want to sound that professional about it as well. This is a page I decided to document my One Room Challenge (www.oneroomchallenge) of my kitchen. It is a challenge to start with because I its actually turning three rooms into one. The kitchen was small of 10x12 for a 3100 sq ft home. The separate dining was just that…separate and that made it one of the most unused rooms unless we had dinner parties.

ORC- Week 2 Demo, Green Chairs and Real Life

So as I said last week the only way to achieve an expanded kitchen is to knock down walls and ceilings. Lets just get right into it. Enjoy the video

First step in the project is to tear down the handpainted wall in the dining room.

I admit the day we removed these walls I had a bit of a freak out moment. I was sitting in the middle of dust and left over drywall on the ground and staring at a big hole in the middle of my home. “Did we do the right thing? Why did we do this? Was the kitchen fine as it was?” The thoughts of doubt ran fast and loud in my mind.

My husband caught a glimpse of the look on my face and said “Are you OK? Should we have done this?” “Oh no” I thought. We are both questioning this decision. I am not alone..Phew! But I smiled and said “No honey, this is going to be great! I can see it already” and he saw and heard the biggest lie I ever told him and we burst out laughing.

So now, if that was not scary come the ceilings. Remember, there are 4 different ceiling heights including the 15 ft high skylight. In the next video you will see what I can only describe as the best and worst few seconds. It gets worse before it gets better right?! RIGHT?!

I will also explain the ceiling situation and the loose design idea to you as well. Please forgive these videos. I had no idea I would share them on this kind of platform when I made them. It was just for a few thousand of my Instagram followers in my stories that disappear after 24 hours. LOL!

Ceilings come down and I explain the design challenges

Aside from my very formal and knowledgeable way of explaining our design challenges with the ceilings I have to say,I really am starting to see our vision and getting more excited about what we were doing. I am sure I will have many more moments in the future but right now I am relieved that I can relax a little and move on to the part of remodeling that really makes me happy…shopping endlessly on Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, LetGo, OfferUp and any other means I can find those treasures just waiting for my new space.

Well you will not believe it but the same night as the ceilings coming down and were semi patched up I was on my phone in bed at midnight and …I found them…The GREEN CHAIRS I envisioned were staring at me. They were described and pictured as 1950’s Karges French Design Silk Dining Chairs…10 of them. I only needed 6 maybe 8 and I had not actually budgeted this purchase yet. But I messaged the seller if she was willing to split them. Then I lay in bed hoping and praying for a positive response. Then at 6 am the next morning she said she would be willing to split and I can see them that afternoon. I wanted the head chairs of course and I would have been willing to buy more than 6 but my space really only allows for the 6 and I have a mid century dinette set with 6 chairs that I still need to find a place for and quite honestly with our home filled with dust… was this really the time to purchase beautiful pristine silk chairs? Uh heck Yeah! You better believe I figured out a way to haul those babies home. Here they are with my ‘professional drawing” of how the dining area will look like.

The image that kept me up all night

The image that kept me up all night

Just go with it! You see the vision :)

Just go with it! You see the vision :)

A little better. Now searching for the dream dining table!!

A little better. Now searching for the dream dining table!!

I will spare you the details of our AC unit dying and our refrigerator making horrible noises from the fan getting caught in the ice that started forming in the motor wall of the fridge and its NOT in the budget for a new one right now. No, I will spare you the real life challenges that we all deal with ..especially when these real life moments are happening on a tightly budgeted DIY kitchen remodel.

See you next week with the 9 ft island and the 2 ft by 4 ft floor tile that is going to test our marriage to install.